Despite some skepticism about the volume of the Protac Granulate Blanket®, after a few nights it turned out to be the right blanket. I experienced falling asleep quickly and that I could fall asleep again if I had been up during the night, which has otherwise always resulted in many waking hours. My overall time trying to fall asleep time went from exceptionally long to greatly reduced. I experienced less pain as I was no longer sleeping in extreme positions with my joints because I could now feel my joints’ position. I became more energetic and focused during the day and my memory got better, of course because the quality of sleep was also better. In addition, there was a side benefit. I could use the blanket to create a solid boundary around my body by positioning my arms and legs and pelvis so that they lay in correct positions, which thereby provided calmness and made me feel relaxed. After a long case processing, I was granted the blanket as an assistive aid , and I am so glad, that I did not give up. My quality of life was increased tremendously by using this blanket, I regained the strength and surplus energy to be a caring mother and wife who was  not constantly dependent on the help of others. Now, if I have a bad day, then I have the blanket with me in the sofa, if I watch TV, - it creates a sense of security and stability in my body and I retain good posture in my back and neck, reducing tension and hence the ensuing pain. Are we on holiday or an overnight visit, I always have the blanket with me, as I have become dependent on the quality of sleep it gives me. After a good night’s sleep, my mood is always better, even if I have chronic pain.
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