The woman has severe physical, mental, and cognitive impairment as well as depression. The woman is very bothered by physical and mental unrest. She has found it increasingly difficult to accommodate multiple sensory stimuli and is easily overstimulated. Overstimulation manifests itself in violent physical movements and using a loud, angry voice. The woman spends a lot of time in her own living room because she needs help in limiting sensory input. The woman has difficulty accepting handling and being turned over while in bed in connection with personal care. She therefore receives Protac KneedMe® knee blanket immediately after morning care. She is offered a choice between staying in bed and having the knee blanket draped over her or sitting in an armchair with it in her lap. When using the knee blanket, she becomes and calm and seems more secure. Now she is offered the knee blanket if she is restless during the early morning hours and morning care is postponed until she is calm and more comfortable. The woman now uses the knee blanket daily, and is seen much more frequently smiling, relaxed and comfortable. When you enter the living room, she often turns her head and greets you with smiles or calm sounds and engages in “small talk." The meals go better than before when she has the knee blanket on.
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