Kugledynen Combi/Demens

The man’s behavior was previously particularly problematic in the morning. Two aids were needed to bathe him and one to hold his hands. He was given sedatives before morning care. At night, the man often got out of bed and had difficulty getting settled down again. During the day he was also very restless and had difficulty finding peace in the present moment. The man tries the Protac Ball Blanket® Combi - it is introduced at a leisurely pace. The first two days in the wheelchair, it is draped over his legs. The man independently takes off the blanket when he thinks it is enough. Next, the blanket is used for the mid-day nap, first draped over his legs, and later the blanket is laid completely over him. It is going very well, and the man is now starting to use the blanket at night too. He sleeps more calmly and only wakes up once instead of 5-10 times. He is now completely calm in the morning during morning care. There are now only 2 aids present for morning care and the man no longer needs sedatives before getting up.
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