Protac Ball Blanket® Classic Junior

Protac Ball Blanket® Classic Junior
Protac Ball Blanket® Classic weighs 3.5 kg and contains 3.8 cm balls. It measures 100x140 cm. The balls are divided into compartments so that the balls can move and provide a dynamic sensory stimulation. This model is suitable for the sensory seeking children who need varying sensory input to be able to sense themselves and find calm. The Classic blanket is especially suitable for children who have difficulty with body awareness and keeping their body at rest.

Due to its size, the Classic blanket must be washed in an industrial washing machine. See Protac Ball Blanket® Flexible for a similar blanket that can be washed in a regular washing machine.



4-year-old boy with ADHD and atypical autism

Previously, Mikkel woke up at night, and it was not unusual that he was awake by 1:00 am, after which he often had self-destructive bouts lasting 3-4 hours. Since he started sleeping with the Protac Ball Blanket® Classic , we have experienced a completely different and significantly easier everyday life, and he can now typically sleep until 8:00 the next morning. It is obviously a huge relief for the whole family. Thanks to the improved sleep, Mikkel has changed his behavior when he is awake - where he used to be extremely hyperactive, he can now be described as active. He literally no longer “swings in the lamps” and destroys everything around him and he is less rough with his sister. Mikkel’s special-needs kindergarten and respite family have noticed the same positive change. As parents, we feel convinced that the change is due to the blanket, as no other parameters have been changed.



All ball blankets can be washed. The regularity and need for washing depends on use. See below for washing and cleaning instructions.

Protac Ball Blanket® Classic
Item nos. 100-101, 100-102, 100-105, 100-106, can be machine washed in a min. 16 kg capacity washing machine with washing detergent with no bleaching agents - see also the washing instructions on the Protac Ball Blanket®.

To remove spots using a spot remover, always try first on an area which is not visible to test for damage or discolouring.
Protac does not recommend the use of spot remover

Protac cannot be held liable for incorrect washing and maintenance.


We recommend hanging the Protac Ball Blanket® out to air on a regular basis.


Protac Ball Blanket® Classic - 3.5 kg - Cotton 100-101-J-85 100 x 140 cm Approx. 3,5 kg. 27953 100% cotton
Protac Ball Blanket® Classic - 3.5 kg - Flame retardant 100-102-J-85 100 x 140 cm Approx. 3,5 kg. 28058 Trevira CS (Flame retardent)
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