Protac MyFit®

Sensory-stimulating vest

Protac MyFit® is a sensory-stimulating vest that provides a pleasant enveloping feeling for the body. The balls in the vest stimulate the sense of touch and the muscle-joint sense through deep and dynamic touch-pressure, thus promoting an improved body awareness. When in movement with the vest on, the balls move a little, giving the user an increased body perception. The vest can be used in institutions and schools during activity or during seated activities and during meals. Protac MyFit® alleviates physical unrest, learning difficulties and sharpens concentration. The vest is suitable for both children and adults, and benefits people with anxiety, ADHD, autism, psychiatric disorders, dementia, and brain damage. The vest can help the wearer to carry out everyday chores such as cleaning, shopping, cooking, schoolwork, and social events, as the vest can be used while physically active.

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Recommended by professionals

Specialized therapists use Protac MyFit® as an aid to sensory integration therapy and motor-skill training. The vest is used during cognitive training, speech therapy and ADL training. The increased body awareness that the vest provides can also have a pain-relieving effect.
My fit vest

Design and sizes

Protac MyFit® is sewn in a black elastic fabric that fits snugly to the body. On the inside there are channels, which are filled with heavy balls. The outside has a sleek, smart design with two front pockets. The vest closes with a zipper and has laces on the sides and back, so it can be adjusted to the user. The vest is available with 2.5 cm and 3.8 cm balls in nine different sizes.

Can be combined with

Protac MyFit® can be advantageously combined with Protac GroundMe® and the Protac Ball Cushion™ if further stimulation of the sense of touch and the muscle-joint sense is needed.

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