Protac Ball Cushion®

Sensory-stimulating ball cushion

The Protac Ball Cushion® is a sensory-stimulating seat cushion filled with plastic balls that promotes a correct and dynamic sitting position. The balls in the cushion stimulate the sense of touch and the muscle-joint sense through deep and dynamic touch-pressure, thus promoting an improved body awareness. When moving on the cushion, the balls in the pillow roll easily, causing the user to sit up straight and thus relieve their back. If a person has a great degree of physical unrest in their body, the cushion can absorb this unrest, as the person will be constantly moving on the cushion. The seat cushion can be used in institutions and schools, for seated activities and during meals.

The Protac Ball Cushion® alleviates physical unrest, learning difficulties and sharpens concentration. The cushion is suitable for both children and adults, and benefits people with ADHD, autism, and psychiatric disorders.

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Recommended by professionals

The Protac Ball Cushion® has been proven effective in alleviating balance problems and training muscle tone, as the movement of the balls brings the body beyond its center of gravity. To restore balance, one will automatically change position and sit up straight. The dynamic sitting position trains the muscles around the abdomen, back and lower back. Muscle tone increases in the postural muscles and one assumes a more upright posture, which alleviates the back.

Ball pillow top

Design and sizes

The Protac Ball Cushion® is sewn in an easy to clean material with non-slip on the underside. The pillow is available with 2.5 cm and 3.8 cm balls in different sizes, colors, and attachment systems.

Can be combined with

The Protac Ball Cushion® can be advantageously combined with Protac GroundMe® and Protac KneedMe® if further stimulation of the sense of touch and the muscle-joint sense is needed.

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