Protac SensOn®

Sensory-stimulating neck and shoulder wrap

Protac SensOn® is a sensory-stimulating wrap, containing small balls, that is placed around the neck and shoulders. The balls in the wrap stimulate the sense of touch and the muscle-joint sense through deep and dynamic touch-pressure, thus promoting an improved body awareness. The balls naturally wrap around the neck, shoulders, and chest, and feel like a pair of calm, firm hands that are placed on the shoulders. The wrap can be applied in care centers, residences and in schools during activity or seated activities and during meals.

Protac SensOn® alleviates physical unrest, learning difficulties and sharpens concentration. The wrap is suitable for both young people and adults, and benefits people with dementia, physical unrest, anxiety, brain damage and psychiatric disorders.

The neck and shoulder wrap also makes it possible to manage daily chores such as cleaning or cooking and social events, as it can be used while being physically active.

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Recommended by professionals

Specialized therapists use Protac SensOn® as an aid during therapy sessions.

The neck and shoulder wrap has proven beneficial to cooperation and attention during cognitive training, ADL training and therapeutic meals. The increased body awareness that the wrap provides can also have a pain-relieving effect.

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Protac SensOn® consists of 1.5 cm balls sewn in compartments. The outer fabric is an easy to clean material with extra soft fabric on the inside, so it feels nice and is comfortable for the neck.

Can be combined with

Protac SensOn® can be advantageously combined with Protac KneedMe® and Protac GroundMe® if further stimulation of the sense of touch and the muscle-joint sense is needed.

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