Protac is very much about sleep and the importance of sleep quality for body and psyche. We have been inventing products to improve sleep since 1994, when our oldest and most well-documented product, the Protac Ball Blanket®, was invented by occupational therapist and current director Pia Christiansen in collaboration with a colleague. The idea for the Protac Ball Blanket® is inspired by a study-visit in California with the purpose of learning about Sensory Integration. In the start-up phase the prototype for the Protac Ball Blanket® was developed and tested at Risskov Psychiatric Hospital, where it quickly became apparent, that both children and adults slept better and deeper with the ball blanket. Since then, Protac has developed a wide range of specially designed blankets and has participated in many research projects documenting the effect of these products.

Watch the film about the effect of the plastic balls and about sensory integration

The influence of sleep on health and psyche
Researchers are becoming increasingly more knowledgeable about of sleep, and of how important it is for our mental as well as physical health and development. It is important that we sleep well and deeply. Sleep acts as a refreshing shower for the brain, which regulates many physiological processes taking place in the body that have an impact on our health and psyche. Sleep strengthens our immune system and gives us sufficient energy to manage the many chores of everyday life. Adults need about seven hours of continuous sleep, while children have a greater need for sleep depending on their age. If a person gets enough sleep, it will have a healing, preventive and restorative function on our health and psyche.

The 4 stages of sleep
Sleep is divided into 4 stages. It is in the deep sleep stage that we recover mentally (brain restitution) and purportedly also at the cellular level in our body (body restitution). If we do not get enough of the deep, restful sleep, it can have health consequences.

Sleep problems are defined as: having difficulty falling asleep and spending more than half an hour every night falling asleep and / or having frequent awakenings throughout the night.

Dyb søvn

Source: Psychiatrist Allan Hvolby

What does insomnia do to your body?
Just a single night with insufficient sleep can have a large impact on how we function the next day and it quickly leads to:

  • · Restlessness
  • · Irritability
  • · Difficulty concentrating
  • · Increased hyperactivity
  • · Decreased endurance
  • · Impaired learning ability

A single night or two of poor sleep is not detrimental to your health but living with chronic sleep disorders can have far more serious consequences. After several months and years of sleep deprivation, one can develop:

  • · Depression
  • · Anxiety
  • · Digestive issues
  • · Weakened immune system
  • · Weight gain and obesity

Sensory stimulation is beneficial for issues with restlessness in the body and mind- and sleep!
Protac's products stimulate both the sense of touch and the muscle and joint sense. When one moves under a ball blanket, the balls roll a little and one receives novel deep touch-pressure input, which sends a message to the brain about the body. The enhanced sensation of the body and the body's boundaries, as well as the registered movement in muscles and joints, promotes calmness in the mind and body. Therefore, many users experience that the use of Protac’s products alleviates anxiety and restlessness and facilitates better sleep, concentration, focus and learning.

More information about the effect of the plastic balls.

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