Ann N. Nielsen, OT, Cand. San., Industrial Ph.d-student:

Ann’s project is inspired by her OT-Master Project on the same subject. Ann made some remarkable findings during that project, and showed among other things that appr. Every fifth child in an ordinary Danish class room suffers from a sensory disorder. A problem for both the affected child, the other children and the teacher. This is why, Ann chose to continue working with this important subject.

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In March 2021, Ann had her first Ph.D-related article published. It describes the process and method for the Ph.D-project. You can read an extraction from the article here and the full article from the PDF. ‘The results suggest that Danish schools should focus on both identifying children with SP difficulties and implement interventions such as sensory integration through occupational therapy to help children with SP difficulties, in order to improve their ability to participate and learn from school activities’

You can read the full article here >
Title: “Effects of systematic proprioceptive-tactile stimulation with use of the Protac MyFit®

• Children with sensory processing difficulties (SPD) can have challenges with sitting still and keeping attention while attending school.
• In 2017 we found that 21% out of 1721 children in Danish primary school had SPD.
• The most common category of SPD is sensory seeking behaviour, i.e. frequent movement, fidgeting etc. This can interfere with children’s ability to participate in activities.

The primary objective is to determine the effect of the Protac Myfit® vest on the children´s abilities for participating in school activities, and secondary their attention-, concentration- and on-task behavior abilities.

Anns poster

Sanne Toft Kristiansen, nurse, Master in Clinical Nursing, Industrial Ph.d-student

Title: “The efficacy and appropriateness of ball blankets on insomnia in depression in outpatient clinics”
Aim: “To investigate the efficacy of Protac Ball Blanket™ on insomnia caused by depression in a randomized controlled design.“

Hypothesis: The use of the Protac Ball Blanket™ on patients with insomnia due to depression will:
• Extend the total sleep time and
• Reduce sleep onset latency
• Reduce the number of awakenings
• Wake after sleep onset
• Reduce the need for sedatives
• Improve the quality of sleep
• Reduce the self-reported symptoms of patients with depression

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