Protac SenSit®

Sensory-stimulating chair

Protac SenSit® is a sensory-stimulating chair that provides a pleasant enveloping feeling to the entire body. The ball filling in the chair and its four wings stimulates the sense of touch and the muscle-joint sense through deep and dynamic pressure, thus promoting improved body awareness. The neck pillow is made of granulate for optimal neck support. The chair can be used as a safe base in institutions, classrooms, sensory rooms, care centers, psychiatric and somatic hospitals. Protac SenSit® alleviates mental and physical unrest and sharpens concentration. The chair is suitable for both children and adults, and benefits people with ADHD, autism, psychiatric disorders, dementia, brain damage, spasticity, and developmental disorders. The chair's malleable content of sensory-stimulating balls in the seat, back and wings provides a comfortable sitting and resting position and can be a nice alternative to the wheelchair user’s sitting position during the day.

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Recommended by professionals

Protac SenSit® has proven effective as a tool for sensory integration treatment and sensory stimulation in sensory rooms and clinics. The chair can also be used as preparation for therapy and training sessions, so that the user is relaxed, collected and ready for training. The touch-pressure and movement of the balls also dampens spasticity and promotes calmness.

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Design and sizes

Protac SenSit® is sewn in an easy to clean material that can be sprayed and wiped off with a surface cleaner. The ball chair has three handles, which makes it easy to move it. Protac SenSit® is available in several colors, fabric types and two different models.

Can be combined with

Protac SenSit® can be advantageously combined with Protac SenSit® Puff, Protac GroundMe® and Protac KneedMe®, if further stimulation of the sense of touch and the muscle-joint sense is needed.

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