We run a socially responsible company, which develops, design and manufactures sensory stimulation products. Our products are based on the theory of sensory integration and professional experience in occupational therapy. The use of our products improves the quality of life.

Our core values are:
· Sensory stimulation on the basis of sensory integration theory
· Professionalism and development
· Social responsibility
· Improved quality of life

Sensory stimulation on the basis of sensory integration theory
We develop and design sensory stimulation products. We strive to give the users of our products increased knowledge of the significance and importance of sensory stimulation.
We strive to continuously develop and design new products in the field of sensory stimulation.

Professionalism and development
We wish to raise professional awareness about our products globally We wish to develop products with a strong focus on design and quality
We wish to provide expert advice to both users and professionals
We strive to be respected by users, therapists and partners
Our sales consultants all have a professional background as occupational therapists or physiotherapists and receive supplementary training on an ongoing basis
We generate development and new relations based on both professional and commercial perspectives
We support research and projects that raise awareness and knowledge about sensory integration and sensory stimulation

Social responsibility
We run a profitable business and include social consideration for users, employees, partners and society in general
We provide a flexible service offering and respond to individual needs with customised products
We conduct our production in an efficient and responsible manner that shows due consideration for the environment and assures good working conditions

Improved Quality of life
We target the needs and wants of users and we use our professional evaluations to develop products, that improve the quality of life for those using them.

Our products stimulate the senses in a manner, that improves well-being and quality of life Working with and for Protac should be stimulating, challenging and fun.
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