Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase
Image of Protac<sup>®</sup> BallBase

Protac® BallBase

Protac® BallBase is a sensory-stimulating mattress pad with integrated balls giving the user calming sensory-stimulation from the mattress pad during rest and sleep. In this way, Protac® BallBase is discrete to use and can be used by both children, teenagers, adults and elderly people. The use is independent from the blanket the user normally sleeps with. For users with a strong need for sensory-stimulation, Protac® BallBase can be combined with the Protac Ball Blanket®.

Protac® BallBase can be used in both ordinary beds and in hospital beds. This is an advantage for the caretakers, since the user can feel at ease, and at the same time the caretaker has a comfortable working posture for nursing the user.

Protac® BallBase can be used by both children, teenagers, adults and elderly people and can be used for sleeping all night and for a rest during the day. The mattress pad can alleviate symptoms of sensory disturbances, ADHD, autism, psychiatric and neurologic impairments, pain and sleeping disturbances.

Protac® BallBase can be an alternative to the Protac Ball Blanket® or a supplement to users with a strong need for sensory stimulation.

The moving balls in Protac® BallBase stimulate the muscle and-joint-sense and the tactile sense through dynamic and deep point pressure. That has a calming effect on the sensory system and promotes a deep and tight sleep, that gives the user the best possibility for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Protac® BallBase has a discrete appearance and when used with a sheet, it cannot be seen in the bed. In this way, the user is not stigmatized, and the mattress pad is easy and uncomplicated to use. If needed, the mattress pad is easily moved from one bed to another.

Protac® BallBase is designed in a soft and comfortable material and designed to fit in both ordinary beds and hospital beds. The mattress pad both has a soft and an extra soft side to accommodate two different needs and preferences. On the soft side, the balls are clearly felt and is targeted users with an intense need for sensory stimulation. The extra soft side has a warm layer between the balls and the linen and therefore gives a mild sensory stimulation and is e.g., recommended for users with a low BMI.

An incontinence cover can be bought along the mattress pad to protect it. Both the cover and the mattress pad can be washed in a regular washing machine. Daily maintenance consists of using a sheet on top of the mattress pad and regular airing like any other mattress pad.

The use of Protac® BallBase promotes tight and good sleep – a decisive parameter for our daily well-being, health, and ability to cope with everyday tasks. The use does not depend on a specific functional capability.

All helping aids from Protac are CE marked according to Medical Devices Class I and responds to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® nr. 2076-310 DTI. Protac uses custom-made low-noise EVA balls. The balls are TÜV-tested and approved according to 1907/2006/ec and the REACH requirements. All materials are carefully chosen with regards for high quality and requested valid standards.



10-year-old boy with autism and severe ADHD

The boy experiences significant motor and psychological unrest, substantial concentration challenges, and is easily distracted. The boy exhibits stress reactions and suffers from anxiety. Additionally, he faces significant difficulties in sensory modulation and integration.

We unpacked the mattress pad together; the boy lay down on it and immediately expressed that it felt comfortable. Since then, he has used it during all his breaks, often when playing on the floor and when lying on the sofa. The boy reports, and we observe, that he can relax much better, his body is rested, and he can concentrate more effectively on his activities. His body remains much more still, and he does not change positions as frequently. We also notice that he engages in activities for longer periods compared to when he is not using the Protac® BallBase.

In the evening, the boy has always struggled to fall asleep and stay asleep even though he is used to sleeping with the Protac Ball Blanket®. The boy is very restless both physically and verbally when trying to sleep, and it can take a long time before his body, thoughts, and concerns settle. The top mattress has made a significant difference for him. He lies still, talks less, and may only change position a couple of times before falling asleep, whereas before he could lie in numerous positions and sit up, trying to fall asleep. This has reduced his falling-asleep time from over 60 minutes to a maximum of 20 minutes.

Both we and the boy notice that he wakes up more rested and benefits more from his breaks throughout the day than he did before having a Protac® BallBase. The boy uses both sides of the top mattress—he has mostly slept on the extra soft side and has used both sides for relaxation.

12-year-old boy with autism, ADHD, Tourette syndrome, and OCD

The boy experiences significant motor and psychological unrest. Additionally, he has many tics throughout the day and faces substantial challenges in sensory modulation and integration. The boy's body becomes very restless physically and verbally when tired, overstimulated, unsure of what to do, or under pressure. He is fully homeschooled and is at home all day. The day is highly structured and predictable, including the breaks. The boy often sits in his SenSit chair during breaks and/or when using the iPad. The BallBase has been a valuable addition because it stimulates the body differently, is easier to move, and can be used in a bed and on the sofa. The boy primarily keeps it in his sensory room and actively seeks it, which is something he usually finds challenging. He can feel that it helps him. He typically sits on it for 10-15 minutes.

"Usually, I sit in the SenSit chair during breaks, but I have used the mattress pad in my gamer room. I have sat or lain on it in my bed when taking a break or when my body has become too restless."

"I relax much better in my body when lying on it. I am calm and I also fall asleep much faster. The mattress pad is good for relaxation. In general, it makes me more relaxed, and it feels great to lie on it."

18-year-old woman suffering from an eating disorder

The woman is admitted to a closed ward and suffers from severe symptoms of both motor and psychological unrest, insomnia, and hyperactivity, and has a very low BMI. With the Protac® BallBase, she finds that she can sleep for 5-7 hours at a stretch, which she had not done in a long time, and her whole body feels calm.

29-year-old woman with reduced functional capacity physically and mentally and significant sleep problems

The woman sleeps longer and more calmly with the Protac® BallBase. She appears more alert during the day, and her complaints have decreased. She was already used to sleeping with the Protac Ball Blanket® and Protac SensCircle®. With Protac BallBase® in bed, she seems calmer and happier to go to bed. She lies down right away and snuggles into bed. Previously, she used to sit up several times before falling asleep. It is more common now for her to lie still and be found lying and sleeping in bed in the same way she was put to bed. Previously, she was often found sitting up. There are also fewer complaints in the morning.

29-year-old woman with severe depression

The woman tries Protac® BallBase due to motor unrest and racing thoughts. She experiences that the mattress pad gives her peace, and that it is comfortable to lie on. She feels stable lying on the mattress pad, both on her back, side, and stomach, and experiences an even distribution of the balls in the mattress. She has been using the soft side of the mattress pad and for her it functions better that the Protac Ball Blanket®

5-year-old boy with autism

Our 5-year-old boy with autism and, consequently, motor unrest and sleep disturbances. He has benefited from sleeping on Protac® BallBase; he falls asleep faster and sleeps more deeply and better. He uses it during the day for resting and relaxation and sleeps on the mattress pad at night.

60-year-old woman with Sjögren's syndrome (rheumatic disease)

With the Protac® BallBase, I sleep calmly and deeply. I don't need to move much to get stimulation, and I feel well-rested in the morning, when I have slept on the mattress pad. I did not expect such a significant difference, but I must admit there is one. The mattress pad grounds me even more than the Protac Ball Blanket® does.

Now I sleep wonderfully. I nestle into the balls when I lie down. The mattress pad molds around me, fitting me perfectly. I sleep like a dream and don't need anything on top anymore. I wake up with more relaxed back muscles as they've been stimulated all night. My head benefits as much from the mattress pad as the blanket. If there are nights when I feel the need to "wrap myself up," I will use the Protac Ball Blanket® on top to give my sensory system an extra boost. I wake up fewer times when I lie on the mattress pad than when I do not. It stays fantastic in the bed and doesn't move even if I turn. I feel enveloped, and it's comfortable to lie on.

61-year-old woman with bipolar disorder, admitted with severe mania

The patient initially tried Protac® BallBase to calm down briefly, and it had a very relaxing effect on her. She wanted to try it at night as well and continued sleeping on it. She says the mattress pad has a calming effect on her, reduces her stress levels, and improves her sleep quality.

She also describes it as a gentle massage, and it relaxes her muscles to lie on the mattress pad. When she combines it with the Protac Ball Blanket®, she experiences a complete sense of security. She feels stable and comfortable, even when she turns, and the mattress pad molds to her shape. She notes that the design is neutral and discreet to look at.

Case from a psychiatric department in Aabenraa

Protac® BallBase is a product we have really needed for patients who for some reason do not relax with the Protac Ball Blanket® but still need the sensory stimulation it provides. Several patients have also used both the mattress pad and the Protac Ball Blanket® at the same time. The mattress pad has had a positive effect on both sleep, motor unrest, and sense of security.

Patients' feedback:

  • • The mattress pad has not made me sleep longer but better.
  • • Resting on the mattress pad makes the restless patient sit quietly for longer periods afterward.
  • • Resting on the mattress pad relaxes the muscles.
  • • A patient often feels rejuvenated and refreshed after resting on the mattress pad.
  • • "I sleep much better than I normally do."
  • • "The mattress pad is really good because I sleep much better than I normally do, and better than I do with sleeping medication. It works well because it gives me more peace, and I no longer wake up feeling angry in the morning."

Elderly woman with dementia

The woman is physically well-functioning and lives in a nursing home. Before trying the mattress pad, she had a habit of getting out of bed 10-12 times every night and needed to be escorted back to her bed each time. When she got up and walked into the hallway, other residents often woke up, so the staff was very interested in finding a solution that would benefit everyone.

This case was documented after the woman slept on the mattress pad for three weeks. The feedback from the staff was that the woman now sleeps for longer periods, has fewer awakenings, and gets out of bed less frequently at night. If she does get up, she settles back down more quickly. They also observed that she is more alert in the morning and has more energy during the day to participate in activities with other residents.

Elderly woman with dementia and brain injury

The woman is clearly not in a good mental state, is very restless, and often angry. After using the Protac® BallBase, she calms down both physically and mentally. Her behavior changes from being dismissive and angry to smiling and happy. She is noticeably more relaxed and content

Young woman with ADHD and Borderline, among other conditions

The woman loves the mattress pad and misses lying on it after the trial period. She feels extremely comfortable on the padded side. She does not know if she sleeps better, but she feels extremely comfortable on it. Combined with the Protac Ball Blanket® she feels like a princess.


Protac® BallBase can be washed. The regularity and need for washing depend on the use.
See below for washing and cleaning instructions.
The Protac® BallBase can be machine washed at max. of 60 degrees in a washing machine for min. 7 kg . Use detergent without bleaching agents and perfume. Fabric softener may not be used. Remove the ball bags from the cover. Wash cover and ball bags separately.
Spinning at low speed - see also the washing instructions in the cover.
To remove spots using a spot remover, always try first on an area which is not visible to test for damage or discolouring. Protac does not recommend the use of spot remover.
Protac cannot be held liable for incorrect washing and maintenance.

We recommend hanging the Protac® BallBase out to air on a regular basis.


Protac® Ballbase 100-700-90-85 90 x 200 cm. 136714
Protac® BallBase Incontinence cover 300-700-90 90 x 200 cm. 136856
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