Protac MyFit® - 38 mm

Sensory-stimulating ball-vest with 3,8 cm balls

The balls in the vest stimulate the sense of touch and the muscle-joint sense through deep and dynamic touch-pressure, thus promoting an improved body awareness. When in movement with the vest on, the balls move a little, giving the user an increased body perception. The vest can be used in institutions and schools during both active and seated activities. The vest can help the wearer to carry out everyday chores such as cleaning, shopping, cooking, schoolwork, and social events.

The 3.8 cm balls in the vest provide a strong stimulation due to their deep dynamic touch-pressure. This is recommended for people with physical unrest, ADHD, and psychiatric disorders.

The size of the vest is decided according to the chest size and is available from 52-136 cm. The vest can be used from 3 years and up.
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Product presentation


52-year-old woman with sensory disturbances and concentration issues

"When wearing the Protac MyFit® ball vest, I can feel that I can concentrate for longer than usual. And my breathing gets deeper ".

10-year-old boy with ADHD

” Jens' body is very restless at the end of the day. When he needs to concentrate on homework, doing creative activities like Fuse Beads or other activities that require concentration, he often puts on the Protac MyFit® ball- vest . When he gets the ball-vest on, he quickly calms down - so they really do have an effect, those balls! He knows that the ball-vest helps his concentration and that things work out better for him.”

Protac MyFit® ball vest calms down user with dementia

A resident tried a Protac MyFit® ball vest and experienced a really good effect. The resident usually had difficulty with the morning ADL and in general getting started with the day, and this resulted in extremely aggressive behavior during the day. After the citizen used the ball vest systematically every morning, the number of situations with aggressive behavior dropped drastically and the staff experienced a completely different more readily contactable and positive resident.

7-year-old boy with severe motor unrest

When we borrowed the Protac MyFit® ball vest for a weekend, the entire weekend became unusually calm for all parties, and the vest is clearly the explanation for that."

11-year-old boy with ADHD severe motor unrest

I like wearing the Protac MyFit® ball vest- it feels like getting a hug, but you cannot get hugged all the time.

14-year-old boy with ADHD motor unrest

The parents state: "Peter uses the Protac MyFit® ball vest during periods when he feels restless and impulsive. The balls and the material clearly help him to become calm and better sense himself. He is just as pleased with the ball vest as he is with the Protac Ball Blanket® - with the ball vest he can achieve the same safe feeling during the day as the blanket gives him at night ".

73-year-old woman with Alzheimer's disease, motor and mental unrest

The woman has great difficulty calming down and wanders restlessly without being able to concentrate on anything. With the Protac MyFit® ball vest on , she calms down and you can see that her facial expression softens.

73-year-old mand with Parkinson's disease

I wear the Protac MyFit® ball vest  during the day when I play the piano, write by hand, and do practical things at home. The vest provides an experience of greater inner peace during all activities, and an experience of mastering the activities better. It gives me a sense of security, grounding, deeper relaxation and a more upright attitude.

Patients in a psychiatric unit trying sensory integration

The occupational therapist working on the psychiatric ward states about the use of the Protac MyFit® ball  vest for inpatients: "The patients here on the ward have on their own initiative started to put on the ball vest if they feel restless or are going to an important meeting." One patient has stated that he can more easily sense himself and manage new tasks when the ball vest helps him.

37-year-old woman with back pain

” I feel really relaxed in my body when I wear the Protac MyFit® ball vest and the pain is gone. It gives warmth but is not too hot. I gives me a feeling of heavy grounding, so I better can gather my thoughts”.

23-year-old veteran with severe PTSD

Many veterans with PTSD describe that their anxiety has been greatly reduced, and that they feel much more rested after sleeping with the Protac Ball Blanket®. Once they have achieved deep sleep at night, they can manage their daily life much better. During the day, many of the veterans have also benefited from using the Protac MyFit® ball vest. When anxiety has “come creeping” or “galloping” during the day, the vest has become a great help in finding peace and calm. For those who used to need alcohol and other stimulants as a means to calm down, they now experience that the vest helps them much better.

Protac MyFit®

Staff observation: he suffers from severe motor unrest and has difficulties keeping calm and sitting still. Both his hands and feet tremble. Besides, he is often angry, noisy and externalizing. After trying the Protac MyFit® ball vest his behaviour has changed drastically. After only 15 minutes, he is less angry, his body stops trembling and he sits quietly. He keeps wearing the ball vest all day. When asked about the ball vest, he answers that it is nice to wear. Everybody around him notices how much comfort and well-being, the ball vest gives him.

Protac MyFit®

After a large neck operation, I have had troubles with pain and tensions due to the asymmetry in the neck muscles. Every morning, I now start wearing the Protac MyFit® ball vest and the feeling is easily compared to a dark cloud clearing from the sky. The tensions are replaced by muscular calmness, easiness and energy.



The Protac MyFit® must be washed in the wash bag supplied. The regularity and need for washing depends on use. See below for washing and cleaning instructions.
· The vest can be machine washed in a min. 7 kg capacity washing machine with washing detergent with no bleaching agents and perfume - see also the washing instructions in the vest.

· The enclosed wash bag must be used. Spinning at low speed.

To remove spots using a spot remover, always try first on an area which is not visible to test for damage or discolouring. Protac does not recommend the use of spot remover.

Protac cannot be held liable for incorrect washing and maintenance.


We recommend airing the vest regularly.


Protac MyFit® - 3XL/4XL - 112-120 cm 800-821-10-3XL/4XL 3XL/4XL 112-120 cm Approx. 5,0 kg. 62497 (100% polyester)
Protac MyFit® - 5XL/6XL - 121-136 cm 800-821-10-5XL/6XL 5XL/6XL 121-136 cm Approx. 5,5 kg. 109892 (100% polyester)
Protac MyFit® - Child - 52-57 cm 800-821-10-B Child 52-57 cm Approx. 1,5 kg. 55422 (100% polyester)
Protac MyFit® - Junior - 58-65 cm 800-821-10-J Junior 58-65 cm Approx. 2,0 kg. 55425 (100% polyester)
Protac MyFit® - M/L - 92-102 cm 800-821-10-M/L M/L 92-102 cm Approx. 4,0 kg. 55427 (100% polyester)
Protac MyFit® - S - 83-91 cm 800-821-10-S S 83-91 cm Approx. 3,5 kg. 55426 (100% polyester)
Protac MyFit® - XL/2XL - 103-111 cm 800-821-10-XL/2XL XL/2XL 103-111 cm Approx. 4,5 kg. 55428 (100% polyester)
Protac MyFit® - XS - 74-82 cm 800-821-10-XS XS 74-82 cm Approx. 3,0 kg. 62496 (100% polyester)
Protac MyFit® - XXS - 66-73 cm 800-821-10-XXS XXS 66-73 cm Approx. 2,5 kg. 103133 (100% polyester)
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