Children and adults with autism often experience an increased sensitivity towards sensory input and they often live with a constant overload of sensory input. The behavioral reaction for those with autism can occur in different ways, for some it can be very prompt and intense - for others the reaction is delayed, but often the reaction emerges differently than what is expected from the people around them.
 It is often seen that children and adults with autism react with reduced sensitivity to the primary senses (including smell, sight, and hearing) and with increased attention from the secondary senses (tactile, proprioceptive, and vestibular senses). This means, that an autistic sensory system quickly can be overwhelmed and that calmness, structure and recognizable surroundings are highly preferred and that changes of all sorts require planning and adaptation.

On that account we regularly see that children with autism prefer Protac Ball Blanket® Calm, since the special design with balls in lines provide a predictable and modest sensory stimulation.


Equal terms provide more quality of life

As a mother, I have experienced that the Protac-sleeping bag has resulted in a more calm and present behavior for my son. In situations where he previously felt insecure and restless, the sleeping bag makes him feel safe and calm – especially in situations outside our own home. It is very helpful that the Protac Sensack® is easy to bring along and it has made it possible for our son to participate in sleep-over events equally with his friends – this means the world to his quality of life.
(Mother to a 10-year-old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome)


4-year-old boy with ADHD and atypical autism

Previously, Mikkel woke up at night, and it was not unusual that he was awake by 1:00 am, after which he often had self-destructive bouts lasting 3-4 hours. Since he started sleeping with the Protac Ball Blanket® Classic , we have experienced a completely different and significantly easier everyday life, and he can now typically sleep until 8:00 the next morning. It is obviously a huge relief for the whole family. Thanks to the improved sleep, Mikkel has changed his behavior when he is awake - where he used to be extremely hyperactive, he can now be described as active. He literally no longer “swings in the lamps” and destroys everything around him and he is less rough with his sister. Mikkel’s special-needs kindergarten and respite family have noticed the same positive change. As parents, we feel convinced that the change is due to the blanket, as no other parameters have been changed.


8-year-old boy with autism

The boy has a great degree of physical unrest and runs around a lot. He has difficulty sitting quietly and listening or doing activities. Sensory-wise, he has tactile defensiveness, sensory seeking behavior and poor body awareness. He is generally fond of deep touch-pressure, and techniques such as brushing. He also wears a Protac MyFit® ball-vest  a few times during the school day. He even requests the Protac KneedMe® knee blanket  when the class has assembly. He sits down on a stool with the blanket over his lap and participates in a discussion about "what’s happening today’" - more focused than usual. With the knee-blanket , he can sit for 20-30 minutes on the couch, alone with a book or with another student. He never did that before he got the knee-blanket.


Children btw. 8-17-years-old with autism

Protac SensCircle® pillow is widely used in common rooms and TV rooms in a center for children and youth with autism. Several of the children need sensory stimulation and find a lot of peace by sitting with the pillow during sedentary activities such as using an Ipad. The children can better concentrate and remain focused on an activity, and the Protac SensCircle® pillow is used several times a day for approximately 20-40 minutes at a time


9-year-old- boy with autism

The boy uses the Protac SensCircle® multi-functional pillow during all breaks while at school. He spontaneously chooses to use the pillow as a calming spot to take a break and he likes to stay in it for over an hour. The multi-functional pillow gives the boy peace of mind . He is so happy for it that he does not want to leave it again.


Children btw. 8-17-years-old with autism

The center has had two Protac SenSit® chairs  for one year. One chair is placed in a study-room where it is used by the center’s exam-preparation class when the pupils need to read and concentrate. Pupils who use the chair are pleased with its effect. It gives them peace of mind and significantly improves their concentration when it comes to learning new subject matter. The second chair is moved around as needed. It has been placed in the activity-café area, but the staff has requested that it be moved as the young people gravitate to the chair and become so relaxed that they fall asleep and do not participate in the activities that are occurring. At present it is used in a quiet room where one can withdraw when in need of peace.


Children btw. 8-17-years-old with autism

The children quickly established a cozy space around the Protac SenSit® chair , which was explored and tried out with curiosity by all the children. They found it comfortable to sit in either alone or with their best friend. Even the most restless children calmed down in the chair and enjoyed being cuddled with its wings around them. The chair allowed them to have a gathering place and a steady, safe, base outdoors.


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