Chronic pain

People who suffer from chronic pain often experience that the pain as a disease in itself and it can be very difficult to handle mentally both during the day and night. Quickly it can become a vicious and self-perpetuating pain spiral. It requires respect and understanding from relatives and professionals to understand a pain problem. 

The human being has both narrow and wide pain fibers. The narrow fibers flag to the brain if your body is hurting – and the wide pain fibers can effectively stop this pain. It is well-known, that we automatically press and rub on the skin if we hurt ourselves – this is a way to re-distribute and stop the pain.

Proprioceptive stimulation activates wide pain fibers, and this is why sensory stimulating helping aids can moderate the pain for the ones with physical and neurological pain. The use of sensory stimulating helping aids can help the patient to participate in daily activities and to improve sleeping patterns and in this way increase the quality of life in general.  

Woman with fibromyalgia

I use the Protac Ball Blanket® Granulate to sleep with and when the pain is so great that I cannot stand it. The blanket provides pleasant warmth, and I can feel my body better. I can feel that I relax better and then the pain subsides so I can better endure it. At the same time, it is nice to sit with because the filling can be formed so that I can place my arms in a comfortable position without them hurting.

Woman with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Despite some skepticism about the volume of the Protac Ball Blanket® Granulate, after a few nights it turned out to be the right blanket. I experienced falling asleep quickly and that I could fall asleep again if I had been up during the night, which has otherwise always resulted in many waking hours. My overall time trying to fall asleep time went from exceptionally long to greatly reduced. I experienced less pain as I was no longer sleeping in extreme positions with my joints because I could now feel my joints’ position. I became more energetic and focused during the day and my memory got better, of course because the quality of sleep was also better. In addition, there was a side benefit. I could use the blanket to create a solid boundary around my body by positioning my arms and legs and pelvis so that they lay in correct positions, which thereby provided calmness and made me feel relaxed. After a long case processing, I was granted the blanket as an assistive aid , and I am so glad, that I did not give up. My quality of life was increased tremendously by using this blanket, I regained the strength and surplus energy to be a caring mother and wife who was  not constantly dependent on the help of others. Now, if I have a bad day, then I have the blanket with me in the sofa, if I watch TV, - it creates a sense of security and stability in my body and I retain good posture in my back and neck, reducing tension and hence the ensuing pain. Are we on holiday or an overnight visit, I always have the blanket with me, as I have become dependent on the quality of sleep it gives me. After a good night’s sleep, my mood is always better, even if I have chronic pain.

50-year-old man with whiplash pain

The man has neck-pain after a whiplash injury. The pain makes it difficult for him to find restfulness in his body, which affects his entire life situation. The man tries to sleep with the Protac Ball Blanket® and subsequently experiences a greater sense of calmness in his body. His neck-pain is also reduced, and he experiences more energy to manage his daily chores.

Woman with fibromyaligia

I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have tried Protac Ball Blanket® Flexible. I use it when my body feels like it is about to fall apart from pain. It is good to have it draped over me, because it feels like my body is being held together. My muscles get warm, and it feels relaxing. I also use it on the floor where I roll into it or use it as a mattress. When I sit in a chair, I wrap the blanket around me, providing a good reading position, as I then can rest my arms on the blanket.

42-year-old man with traumatic brain injury and spams

Therapist says: "We use the mattress  together with Protac Ball Blanket®, to give him even more body focus. It helps him to relax completely, which better allows us to do his stretch exercises. He stops his humming sound he typically makes when we do stretch exercises, which he finds annoying. "

37-year-old woman with back pain

” I feel really relaxed in my body when I wear the Protac MyFit® ball vest and the pain is gone. It gives warmth but is not too hot. I gives me a feeling of heavy grounding, so I better can gather my thoughts”.

Protac MyFit®

After a large neck operation, I have had troubles with pain and tensions due to the asymmetry in the neck muscles. Every morning, I now start wearing the Protac MyFit® ball vest and the feeling is easily compared to a dark cloud clearing from the sky. The tensions are replaced by muscular calmness, easiness and energy.

50-year-old woman with chronic pain due to a traffic accident

Since the traffic accident, the woman has had chronic pain in her neck and back. She has had difficulty concentrating and staying focused and she spends enormous amounts of energy on not being fearful. Experiences daily that pain throughout her body, especially in the right shoulder and neck, causes her to slouch with her body towards the right side. She likes to be with others but finds it strenuous. She has difficulty participating and remaining in social situations, she often loses focus and there is too much “noise” and restlessness in her head and body. The woman tries out the Protac SensOn® for a few weeks at a 24-hour rehabilitation center, and describes the experience as follows: “When I wear it, I can relax better. I find peace and get my thoughts together. Mentally, I feel more calm and secure. Physically, I can nestle my head into it, and the warmth and weight give me peace of mind. I feel that it helps me to position my neck and neck correctly, that I can sit up straight and I can look out toward the world. I can concentrate and find peace to relate to what I am experiencing. My posture is corrected and can breathe better. When I am in pain, the collar helps me stay better focused, find some calmness, and gather my thoughts. Socially, I can better concentrate on talking to people, I can laugh and feel present. The collar helps me to be able to handle contact to others, and I get a better sense of myself so I can respond to my pain signals. When I cook, I can better stay focused and perform the tasks in a logical order, where I otherwise have a hard time not "jumping" between the tasks. I also wear it when I need to relax. I quickly find peace.

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