Stress and PTSD

Stress is a part of the human defense mechanism and is a clear stop sign from the body. The symptoms, the degree and the length can vary a lot. Most of us know the symptoms of short-term stress when we are nervous or have too much to do, but if it continuous for a longer period of time and become mental and psychiatric symptoms it is important to react. The brain is subdued to stress, when it received more input than it is able to process – that is why a stressed brain has troubles filtering og prioritizing sensory input. A stressed brain also has troubles in focusing, remembering, and learning and the negative self-reinforcing effect is worsened by a poor sleeping quality.

Stress needs to be treated and taken seriously. Instinctively, the body uses movement, a proprioceptive stimulation, as a way to calm the body – to swing the arms, shake the legs and tipping the foot is a natural way for the body to calm itself and to send feedback to the brain to lower the stress level. Proprioceptive stimulation releases good, caring and positive hormones and help the body to regulate other sensory input and re-establish peace of mind.

PTSD is often caused by an extreme experience, that the body and mind cannot forget. A brain with PTSD is in constant alert and has a high concentration of stress hormones. Citizens and patients with PTSD often have both anxiety and stress symptoms and have huge challenges with social activities and sleeping disorders. 

43-year-old man with stress

I started using the Protac Ball Blanket® after 10 months with severe sleep problems. My sleep problems were caused by stress, which I suffered greatly from for a number of years. I had worked extremely hard as a consultant while taking my master’s degree. My sleep problems led to strong feelings of anxiety which drained me mentally. The blanket helped me immensely to “move on” with my life. It did not remove my sleep problems from one moment to the next, but clearly helped to give me a sense of security when I needed to sleep, and therefore helped me to gradually create a good sleep pattern again. In addition to the blanket's anxiety reducing effect, it also has the advantage of having excellent temperature regulation. I generally have huge problems with cold feet, but that is now prevented by the blanket. Simultaneously with the cold feed, I often sweat a lot. I find that the blanket helps me to maintain an optimal temperature, both in terms of creating coolness when I am too hot and vice versa. I can warmly recommend the blanket to anyone struggling with anxiety and / or insecurity. And do not be alarmed at its strange form. It is extremely comfortable to sleep with. Today, I can’t do without the blanket.

23-year-old veteran with severe PTSD

“The Protac Ball Blanket® Flexible has balls that are a bit like large table tennis balls. The heavy and dynamic blanket envelopes the body, stimulates the senses, thus creating an increased body awareness and security. Before Casper started sleeping with the blanket, he woke up five to eight times each night and had many nightmares. Now that he has slept with the blanket for almost four months, he only rarely wakes up and his nightmares have ceased. He wakes up well rested and with much more energy. In fact, he has had a completely different sleep pattern than he has had in the last five years.”

23-year-old veteran with severe PTSD

Many veterans with PTSD describe that their anxiety has been greatly reduced, and that they feel much more rested after sleeping with the Protac Ball Blanket®. Once they have achieved deep sleep at night, they can manage their daily life much better. During the day, many of the veterans have also benefited from using the Protac MyFit® ball vest. When anxiety has “come creeping” or “galloping” during the day, the vest has become a great help in finding peace and calm. For those who used to need alcohol and other stimulants as a means to calm down, they now experience that the vest helps them much better.

50-year-old man, former soldier and with severe PTSD

The man rarely finds peace in everyday life, and therefore enjoys coming to the Snoezelen House, where he wraps himself in the long Protac SensCircle® pillow, while lying on the waterbed with built in music. Here he completely relaxes and recharges.

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