Outdoor rehabilitation

Children group with socio-emotional challenges

The children quickly established a cozy space around the Protac SenSit® chair, which was explored and tried out with curiosity by all the children. They found it comfortable to sit in either alone or with their best friend. Even the most restless children calmed down in the chair and enjoyed being cuddled with its wings around them. The chair allowed them to have a gathering place and a steady, safe, base outdoors.

Psychiatric unit for adults

“From our viewpoint as staff, the Protac SenSit® ball chair  allows that we can have good conversations with the patients outside when they sit in the chair and become peaceful. We experience that the chair is recognizable to the girls and that they are comfortable with it. The chair creates a greater atmosphere of "coziness" than the department's other outdoor furniture. "

Woman with dementia

An elderly woman wants to be outside and participate in social gatherings but tends to be restless and to become overstimulated during group activities. "Ah - that feels really great", says Ingrid, after she sits down in the Protac SenSit® Nature, which is located on the terrace. She finds a magazine and reads intently. After 45 minutes she gets up, goes indoors and is both happy and at ease for the rest of the day. Since then, she has independently sought out and used the ball chair many times with the same positive result.

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