Product development and production with a focus on social responsibility
There are many considerations to be taken in the development and production of assistive devices. Because we develop our assistive devices from start to finish, we know exactly which materials have been used, and we use our occupational therapy knowledge to show consideration for the user during product development. We make sure that the products meet the safety requirements that apply in the countries where our products are used; both inside and outside the EU. That is why we prioritize testing our products regularly, which benefits both users and the environment.

UN World Goals
Social responsibility lies deep in our DNA, which is why we very much welcome the UN's 17 World Goals. We see ourselves as actively contributing to meeting several of the World Goals, but the 3rd World Goal of promoting health and well-being for all age groups is particularly relevant to us. Increasing the quality of life and well-being of the users of our products has always been part of Protac's value system. We do this by helping children, youth, adults, and the elderly to sleep better at night and find peace of mind during the day. In many cases, the use of sensory-stimulating assistive devices can also reduce or completely replace the use of medication.

The 12th World Goal of Responsible Consumption and Production also comes naturally to Protac. It is important for us to be constantly at the forefront of developments in sustainable production, minimization of packaging and optimal waste sorting.

Social responsibility
Protac makes a virtue of complying with all requirements from the EU and other authorities, for example with regards to reducing the use of plastic packaging to a minimum and generally sorting waste for recycling. Protac also has high requirements for social responsibility with regards to production, material consumption, working conditions for both business partners and the company's own employees.

CE marked assistive devices
All assistive devices from Protac are CE marked according to Medical Devices Class I. The cover on the Ball Blankets is made of 100% cotton or 100% Trevira CS and both qualities of fabric are OEKO-TEX standard 100, Class I certified.

TÜV-approved EVA balls
Protac uses custom-made low-noise EVA balls. The balls are TÜV-tested and approved according to 1907/2006/ec and MSZ EN 71-9: 2005 + A!: 2008.

The EVA balls meet the requirements of REACH. The balls can be recycled as hard plastic.
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