Protac Granulate Blanket®

Protac Granulate Blanket®

Protac Granulate Blanket® has a filling of polypropylen that is divided in compartments. This allows the filling to be equally distributed in the whole blanket and to closely surround the body, which has an enveloping effect. This blanket model is suitable for people who need a mild and caring sensory stimulation to be able to sense themselves and find calm. The blanket has been developed in cooperation with a Danish dementia care center and is particularly suitable for people who are cognitively impaired or suffer from chronic pain. The Protac Granulate Blanket® can reduce anxiety and restlessness and is also suitable for supported positioning.

Suitable for both children, adults and elderly

The Protac Granulate Blanket® is suitable for all age groups and for people who need mild, calming and predictable sensory stimulation. It can be help to reduce sleeping disturbances, mental and motor unrest, anxiety, chronic pain, dementia and neurological disturbances.

The Protac Granulate Blanket® is CE-marked and registered according to medical devices Class 1 at the Danish Medicines Agency®
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