Sleeping disturbances/Protac Ball Blanket® Combi

Sleeping disturbances and unrest has been recurring challenge for our daughter her whole life – she was born prematurely. We had our doubts if a blanket could help her, but we were quickly convinced that the Protac Ball Blanket® Combi is helpful to her. The first night, she only had the blanket over her legs and a regular blanket over the rest of the body. The second night, she only used the Protac Ball Blanket® - and she loves it. She is now 10 years old and has been sleeping with the blanket for half a year. It is clear, that it makes her fall asleep more quickly and that it gives her comfort. With her own words, she says that is feels nice, comforting and gives her comfort.

Some years ago, she tried the Protac Ball Blanket® Flexible without any success. We can only recommend trying different models of the blankets and to try again later, if no success at first try.
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