Protac is a Danish manufacturer of sensory stimulation products. We serve private people, municipalities, regions and state institutions. In Denmark we sell our products directly. Outside Denmark we are represented in 20 countries through a number of local distributors.

Our product range covers blankets, vests, cushions, chairs & poufs, mattrasses, knee blankets and footstools - all designed as aids to people with physical disabilities and sensory impairments.

The name and brand Protac refers to the two senses, which the products work with. They are the muscle-joint sense (proprioceptive sense) and the sense of touch (tactile sense).

A good idea turns into a business concept and a well-run company.
Protac A/S was founded by Occupational Therapist Pia Christiansen and her colleague back in 1994.
In 1990 Pia continued her education, training sensory integration at the University of California and at the A. Jean Ayres clinic in Los Angeles. Returning to her work place in Denmark, the Psyciatric Hospital Risskov near Aarhus, she wanted to use the theories and experiences from the clinical work with children suffering from motor restlessness. A restlessness which Pia also observed with the patients in the Psychiatric Hospital.

In USA the treatment of children was based on play and included the ball pits, known from theme parks. Play in ball pits stimulates the senses, but it was not possible to get psychiatric patients to jump into ball pits. Instead Pia and her colleagues designed a blanket containing plastic balls. The weight and deep evenly pressure of the balls in the blanket stimulated the senses and provided a sense of security and calm. The ball blanket was well received by the patients, who experienced a better calmness in their body and a deeper and better sleep. Soon the ball blanket was in demand by patients leaving the hospital and the foundation for Protac was laid.

The first ball blankets were sewn at the dining table in her private home, but the rumour of the ball blanket quickly spread. Since then Pia has cooperated with therapists, employees and users to develop a range of unique products with plastic balls, based on the theories of sensory integration. The purpose is to design high quality aids, which serve the need of people with motor restlessness and sensory impairments. The aids are distinguished by their user-friendly and modern design. Today Protac products are sold through a network of distributors in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. ".

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