Kugledynen Flexible/Neurologi

Both my daughter and I have Tourettes Syndrome - the first night we had the Protac Ball Blanket® Flexible, I wanted to try it myself, and did not have high expectations for it. I fell asleep in the most amazing way. It felt like I was quietly hovering down and landing softly. The next morning, I felt rested as I have rarely tried before. But the blanket was for my daughter, who has always been plagued by bad dreams and a sense of powerlessness over not being able to sleep well. After she has started sleeping with the Protac Ball Blanket®, it only takes her approx. 15 minutes to fall asleep and she happily goes to bed with the certainty that the blanket will protect her against the bad dreams. She now sleeps all night and feels rested in the morning - she is so happy with her blanket.
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