Kugledynen Flexible/Neurologi

"A thirteen-year-old girl, with spastic Cerebral Palsy has always woken up several times in the evening and at night because she has spasms and needs to be turned over. The mother says that at first glance she could not imagine laying the ball blanket over her little fragile daughter. “But, but, but… it's just lovely and good and relaxing and a whole lot more. Now she uses the blanket when she sits and relaxes in her beanbag chair - yes, in fact, she, little sister and I often sit under the blanket and relax together. Now I experience for the first time in her life that she sleeps from she is put to bed and until between midnight and 01.30 am. Of course, there are exceptions if she is sick or otherwise, but twice last week she has slept through the night. It was a strange experience that the alarm clock rang, and she had not been awake at all. Fantastic - there is only one reason for this and that is the Protac Ball Blanket®! "
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