Kugledynen Flexible/Stress og PTSD

I started using the Protac Ball Blanket® after 10 months with severe sleep problems. My sleep problems were caused by stress, which I suffered greatly from for a number of years. I had worked extremely hard as a consultant while taking my master’s degree. My sleep problems led to strong feelings of anxiety which drained me mentally. The blanket helped me immensely to “move on” with my life. It did not remove my sleep problems from one moment to the next, but clearly helped to give me a sense of security when I needed to sleep, and therefore helped me to gradually create a good sleep pattern again. In addition to the blanket's anxiety reducing effect, it also has the advantage of having excellent temperature regulation. I generally have huge problems with cold feet, but that is now prevented by the blanket. Simultaneously with the cold feed, I often sweat a lot. I find that the blanket helps me to maintain an optimal temperature, both in terms of creating coolness when I am too hot and vice versa. I can warmly recommend the blanket to anyone struggling with anxiety and / or insecurity. And do not be alarmed at its strange form. It is extremely comfortable to sleep with. Today, I can’t do without the blanket.
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