Protac KneedMe/sanseforstyrrelser

The boy is upset about going to school and he can’t manage to do individual tasks assigned to him. He does not thrive at home because his "battery" is completely flat when he comes home from school. A Sensory Profile evaluation of the student has been completed, which shows that he has tactile defensiveness to a moderate degree, and he has a low threshold for sensory input from his own body and the surroundings. When he is stressed at home, he often sits under his blanket to shield himself from light and sound. He seeks out the bedroom where there is no noise. At home, he is good at finding self-regulatory strategies, but it is difficult for him in school. He has a Protac KneedMe®, which he uses every morning when he comes to school. It helps him to become calmer. He is comfortable with the knee blanket and it helps him to be able to focus on the planned school activities. There is a need for close cooperation between home and school in order to be able to adapt the activities so that he is not overwhelmed. We experience that the knee blanket in combination with suitable strategies help the student to calm down.
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