Protac MyBaSe/sanseforstyrrelser

An Occupational Therapist says: "I use the Protac MyBaSe® mattress on the stable side, where the user can sink deep into the balls and just float on the mattress. Mostly it is used with a projector / film and some calm music. I find that the user completely relaxes. Those who have tried it before often seek it out as the first thing when they come back. One user stopped her continual flow of speech as soon as she got down in the mattress. She typically chatters non-stop; I interpret her response as a sign of feeling safer. The therapists use it on the stable side and often in combination with the Protac Ball Blanket®. A woman with anxiety and brain injury needed help to calm herself, and Protac MyBaSe® was the only place where we could help her relax and actually get in physical contact with herself without having to constantly focus on her anxiety. "
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