Protac SenSit/Neurologi

We have a young man with Cerebral Palsy here at the group home. He has an intellectual disability and is estimated to have a cognitive functional level of 3 - 6 months old. He is a wheelchair user and is passively transported around in his wheelchair. He has bouts of self-harming behavior and periods with many spasms. He very easily becomes insecure and reacts with self-harming behavior and loud noises. He has undergone a sensory integration evaluation that concluded that he craves stimulation of all the proximal senses, but primarily the proprioceptive and vestibular senses. During therapy, insecurity and self-harming behavior can be alleviated by giving him plenty of proprioceptive stimuli. I do this by passively facilitating movement in the typical tone-reducing patterns, e.g., calm rhythmic movements in hip flexion and rotation over the spine. In addition, I give deep touch pressure on the extremities and vibrations on the chest. With my hands I can keep him relaxed and comfortable in therapy. I would really like him to be able to take this relaxed state home with him. The Protac SenSit® ball chair and the Protac Ball Blanket® Combi have made this wish come true! He has been granted funding for the blanket because it gives him peace at night and makes him more rested when he wakes up. Previously, he would make quite a ruckus at night – rocking from side to side and shouting. A behavior we (staff) have interpreted as inner turmoil and vestibular and proprioceptive self-stimulation (like "blind-rocking") The Protac SenSit® chair he bought himself, and it gives him enough peace to be able to stay in common rooms with his fellow residents without becoming restless and self-harming as he used to be the case. He also uses it to help him” wind down” after training.
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