Since the traffic accident, the woman has had chronic pain in her neck and back. She has had difficulty concentrating and staying focused and she spends enormous amounts of energy on not being fearful. Experiences daily that pain throughout her body, especially in the right shoulder and neck, causes her to slouch with her body towards the right side. She likes to be with others but finds it strenuous. She has difficulty participating and remaining in social situations, she often loses focus and there is too much “noise” and restlessness in her head and body. The woman tries out the Protac SensOn® for a few weeks at a 24-hour rehabilitation center, and describes the experience as follows: “When I wear it, I can relax better. I find peace and get my thoughts together. Mentally, I feel more calm and secure. Physically, I can nestle my head into it, and the warmth and weight give me peace of mind. I feel that it helps me to position my neck and neck correctly, that I can sit up straight and I can look out toward the world. I can concentrate and find peace to relate to what I am experiencing. My posture is corrected and can breathe better. When I am in pain, the collar helps me stay better focused, find some calmness, and gather my thoughts. Socially, I can better concentrate on talking to people, I can laugh and feel present. The collar helps me to be able to handle contact to others, and I get a better sense of myself so I can respond to my pain signals. When I cook, I can better stay focused and perform the tasks in a logical order, where I otherwise have a hard time not "jumping" between the tasks. I also wear it when I need to relax. I quickly find peace.
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